Two Beach Huts

A “waterfall” book with seven pages: two pages of the same image as on the front cover, then one blank page, one more of the cover image, another blank and two more pages with the cover image.  What to make of this?  A clue comes on the back cover “Palindrome” © Mike Clements 22.2.22.

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28.09 | 17:52

Yes, the 2022 edition is on the What’s New page.

09.09 | 19:10

Are you doing a 2022 version?

10.12 | 09:26

Apologies for looking a bit vague yesterday at Ardvaak. It was good to see you again. We always seem to be away when you are exhibiting these days.I must look more closely at your web page to see wher

11.11 | 17:13

Lost Days 2019- see "What's New" page