"Harlequinade" A collaboration between Mike Clements & Michelle Baharier with illustrated stories about our respective families. Michelle’s story pays tribute to her amazing great aunt who died in 2020, aged 111, and to her granddad’s adventures in a lion’s cage. Mike tells of his grandmother’s struggle, when unexpectedly widowed in 1913, to raise two very young children in the days before a welfare state.
The structure is a revival of an 18th & 19th century book form used predominantly to tell the then popular Harlequinade story.

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28.09 | 17:52

Yes, the 2022 edition is on the What’s New page.

09.09 | 19:10

Are you doing a 2022 version?

10.12 | 09:26

Apologies for looking a bit vague yesterday at Ardvaak. It was good to see you again. We always seem to be away when you are exhibiting these days.I must look more closely at your web page to see wher

11.11 | 17:13

Lost Days 2019- see "What's New" page