"From Pyrenees to Santiago - in the steps of Matamoros"
A group of university friends, meeting for their annual reunion, decide that they will all take time off to walk the Camino de Santiago through northern Spain. Alas, one of their number is refused time off by his boss. As they begin their journey, the ten others agree that each of them will tell a story about the Camino and then send it on a postcard to console their left-behind friend.
Digitally printed on mi-teintes 160gsm
20.4cm x 12.5cm

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Yes, the 2022 edition is on the What’s New page.

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Are you doing a 2022 version?

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Apologies for looking a bit vague yesterday at Ardvaak. It was good to see you again. We always seem to be away when you are exhibiting these days.I must look more closely at your web page to see wher

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Lost Days 2019- see "What's New" page